Summary: the 30 most important words

Welcome to the final article of the first unit. We summarize the most important words you have learned so far. Feel free to come back to this point at any point to recap what you have learned in Unit 1.


Swiss-German English
1 Beiz bar, pub
2 Büez work
3 jmd. aalüütä to call somebody
4 Glace icecream
5 Aabee WC
6 Velo bicycle
7 Lavabo (the) sink
8 parkieren to park
9 eine Stange a small beer
10 Pfanne a pan
11 etw. schmöckt gut something smells good
12 Chind child
13 Töff motorcycle
14 Rüebli carrot
15 Anke butter
16 feini Gipfeli delicious croissants
17 Znüüni A break that Swiss have at 9am for a second breakfast.
This break is part of Swiss tradition and practiced everywhere.
18 Pneu tire
19 Brötli bun
20 Matte meadow
21 Nüsslisalat salat
22 Serviertochter waitress
23 Schwingbesen eggbeater
24 Finken slippers
25 Coiffeur hairdresser
26 Sack bag
27 Billet (bus/train) ticket
28 Welschland french-speaking part of Switzerland
29 LW truck
30 Matura A-levels


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