If you are considering moving to Switzerland, it may be a good idea to learn Swiss-German. When you are traveling abroad or making a life transition and headed to a new country, you may be unfamiliar with its language. It’s best to try and integrate to yourself with the country’s culture. This means picking up their language and understanding all of its meanings so you can have an enjoyable time while you were there.

Achieve it together! | souce: pexels.com
Achieve it together! | souce: pexels.com

Making the first steps to learning a new language shouldn’t be scary. For some, the learning curve may not be as high whereas for others it could take a while for them to get used to hearing themselves speak in a different language. However, with a little practice and placing yourself among the residents, you show pick up enough statements to get you by. In no time, you will find yourself speaking fluently to all Switzerland residents as if you have lived their for years.

Learn The Life

Once you’re inside the country, picking up the language can be very intimidating. When you’ve begun to grasping the language and its sounds, you will discover it has more to do with it than just rehearsing grammar and studying the vocabulary. You want to focus on learning culturally specific words that may not exist in other countries or languages. Once you start understanding the language, you’ll find that you have actually expanded your horizons. You’ve made your first steps to learning about how others’ live and express themselves. Picking up unknown words and phrases allows you to get familiar with the culture and the way locals think. You will discover the way of life in Switzerland as you live day by day today hearing the common language spoken by the residents.



More Friends

Once you arrive in Switzerland, your social circle will be very limited. It is up to you to seek out new friends and immerse yourself in the culture so you can begin to communicate effectively with everyone you come in contact with. This could become a lot more stressful than expected. However, the best thing is to build a connection with local people because it makes it much easier and could actually help you speak Swiss-German more smoothly. You also will find yourself picking up the language much faster by honing in on the phrases used by the natives.

You will find new friends soon | source: pexels.com
You will find new friends soon | source: pexels.com

The residents will have a lot more respect for you when you attempt to communicate in a little Swiss-German. This shows them that you are trying and admire their culture. Those around you will be very pleased that you’ve taken an interest in their country and that you have made an effort to learn their language. This will give you a lot of respect in the area. If you decide to stay more than a month or even for years, then you will have to learn Swiss-German as a requirement for the citizenship test. Keep in mind, the longer you are in the country, the more faster you will adapt to the surroundings. This is why it may be best to stay longer than a week or a month.


Most times we become afraid of uncertain situations we are about to enter into. Doing something for the first time can be very frightening. You begin to feel less confident in your actions and may decide to not do them at all. However, once you have mastered the Swiss-German language you will find your confidence will grow. You can now visit places you were initially limited in your communication and speak freely with ease. This new skill has now allowed you to travel more within the country and not become loss or disoriented because you don’t speak the language. Upon arriving to most countries, we can find ourselves sticking to on area only because we lack the language skill to explore other cities.

Learning is Fun

Who doesn’t like to learn? Learning something new can enrich our minds and open our eyes to new things. Studying a new language can be a great adventure and a good reason to hang out with friends. You can enjoy your Saturday evening trying out words in different sentences with your friends. If you’ve met a few Swiss native speakers, bring them into your social circle and invite them to a party. Swiss people are happy to see others trying to learn their native language. They are not offended if you do not have the perfect pronunciation in the beginning, but do respect that you’re trying to learn.

Career and Opportunities

There is a gap between German and Swiss that’s very evident at the border. In some respects, they speak the same language and can understand one another quite well. Yet, there is a distance visible to the naked eye. Many Swiss natives prefer not to speak High German and there are some Germans who refused talking in Swiss-German. Here’s an opportunity where you can simply learn Swiss-German and have the best of both worlds. This is highly viable when it comes to creating a career in Switzerland. Your job opportunities will soar because you can communicate in both types of the language. Every country can also use a translator either in the government or with private businesses.

Learn Swiss German and start your carrer | source: pexels.com
Learn Swiss German and start your carrer | source: pexels.com

These are some reasons above why you should learn Swiss-German. Try our online course here. If you’re considering moving to Switzerland or maybe visiting for a few months, out of respect to the natives, it’s the best you speak a little Swiss-German. The learning process is not hard especially when you immerse yourself within the culture and begin speaking to the natives. This will probably be the fastest way to pick up the local words and phrases. Once you learn the Swiss way and begin to integrate yourself into the country, you will find it is very easy to live in Switzerland. Start the online course now and begin preparing for your perfect and dream to switch one and learning the language. For more information on learning Swiss-German now click here.



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