The good thing about Christmas is you get to feast without restraint. It starts weeks before the actual Christmas. The first Christmas cookies are baked, at the Christmas markets mulled wine is drunk and tasty raclette is eaten and at the various Christmas parties champagne is sipped. But what do Swiss people actually eat at Christmas itself? Is there a typical Swiss Christmas menu? Here you can find out everything you need to know about culinary Swiss Christmas.

There is no typical Swiss Christmas dinner
There is no typical Swiss Christmas dinner

No typical Swiss Christmas dish

There is no traditional and typically Swiss Christmas dish. We don’t make turkey, for example, as the Americans do every year for Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t mean that there is no Christmas feast in Switzerland. On the contrary, we fill our stomachs on the holidays.

Nevertheless, there are a few dishes that have prevailed and that are traditionally cooked at Christmas. And as always in Switzerland, it depends on the respective region what comes on the Christmas table on the 24th and 25th.

Ravioli in Brodo and Panettone in Ticino

In the canton of Ticino, the ravioli in Brodo for starters and the panettone for desserts are a must. Christmas without these two specialities is not Christmas. Poultry is served with the main course. Traditionally it is the capon, a castrated and fattened rooster served with mustard sauce.

The French-speaking Swiss like turkey

Poultry is often served at Christmas in French-speaking Switzerland. Especially the turkey is very popular. The “Thanksgiving” bird is a symbol of wealth, abundance and community in French-speaking Switzerland. Because the big bird is enough for a feast for the whole family.

Meaty Christmas in German-speaking Switzerland

At Christmas especially popular is a cozy fondue
At Christmas especially popular is a cozy fondue

The Swiss Germans like a good piece of meat for Christmas. Sch├╝feli, fillet in dough and rolled ham are often served at Christmas. In the canton of Aargau, pastetli with milk are part of the feast, and in the Bernbiet the Berner Platte with various meats, dried beans, sauerkraut and potatoes.

All variations of fondue and raclette are popular throughout Switzerland. After all, Christmas is all about being together with your loved ones and which dish would be more suitable.

No Christmas Goose at Swiss Christmas

What is not on the Swiss table, however, is the Christmas goose, which is particularly popular in Germany.

And what’s for dessert?

Swiss like homemade Christmas cookies for dessert
Swiss like homemade Christmas cookies for dessert

The Swiss like exotic fruits for dessert because they are not heavy in the stomach. But airy merengues can also be served. Traditionally, homemade Christmas cookies are a must. These are often served together with the coffee.

Speak perfect Swiss German until Christmas

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What the Swiss most prefer to eat for Christmas
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