This series of blog posts will focus on what the Swiss love. And one of the things the Swiss really do love is food. What do the Swiss eat? Do they drink a beer at „Füürobe“ (en.: after work) or a glass of wine? Are there any must try local specialities? „Mir findets use“ (en.: We will find out.).


Popular drinks in Switzerland

The most popular alcoholic beverage amongst young Swiss is beer. If you want to order a beer, just order „ä Stange“ (en.: a 3dl glas of beer). The older generation tends to prefer wine and there are indeed many wonderful Swiss wines.  „Zum Z’Nacht en guete Wyy gniesse“ (en.: a glas of wine for dinner), is certainly the motto for many families at least once a week if not every day.

was die schweizer lieben bier

Here‘s a little insider tip for those who don‘t want an alcoholic drink: Rivella is a Swiss soft drink made out of milk serum. It‘s only really available in Switzerland, though it is increasingly available in neighbouring countries. Rivella comes in a few „Gschmacksrichtige“ (en.:tastes); try them all to find your favourite.

The land of cheese and „Schoggis“

Switzerland is world renown for its delicious chocolate and it is a fact that the Swiss eat a lot of „Schoggi“ (en.: chocolate). The cliche is certainly true.

The Swiss are also known for producing all kinds of cheese dishes. Have you ever tried a Swiss fondue? If not, you should remedy that as soon as possible. Bread is „in Chääs tunkt“ (en.: dipped into cheese), that is melted in a fondue pot on the table. Raclette is another famous cheese dish; the cheese is melted and eaten with „Gschwellte“ (en.: boiled potatoes).

was die schweizer lieben kartoffeln

But fear not if you don‘t like cheese. Switzerland is multicultural and there are restaurants serving Italian, Greek, Mexican and food from all over the world. Try on your next visit in a Swiss Restaurant something new, nobody is died yet.

What do you think should be the next subject in this blog series of what the Swiss love? Leave a comment and let us know.


Schweizerdeutsch English
1 Füürobe after work
2 Mir findets use We will find it out
3 Gschmacksrichtige tastes
4 Schoggi chocolate
5 in Chääs tunkt dipped into cheese
6 Geschwellte boiled potatoes




What do the Swiss love? Food!
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