More and more high school graduates come to Switzerland to get their Bachelor or Master degree. In this article, we take a closer look at the attractions of Switzerland as a place to study. Why do young people want to come to Switzerland to study?

In the following, we look at the possibilities, the particularities and the pros and cons of studying in Switzerland. You might also want to know where you can get more information: don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Studying in Switzerland – The Possibilities

Whether you’re interested in pursuing your studies at a university, a university of applied sciences, a private institution of higher education, a teachers’ college, an art college or an academy of music, Switzerland offers a huge choice. These institutions are distributed over the whole country, so that you have a good choice of school wherever you live. The schools offer education in the fields of economics, engineering, law, IT, media and communications, social work and pedagogics, health and sports, nature, agriculture and forestry, design, medicine, social skills as well as languages, art and culture. Altogether, you can choose between 160 Bachelor and 293 Master programmes. There isn’t really anything you can’t study here!

Universities and Universities of Applied Science in Switzerland



ETH Zurich

The ETHs (Universities of Applied Sciences) in Zurich and Lausanne are consistently in the top 50 of worldwide university rankings. The university in Geneva, with its central location in Switzerland, is also very popular. All the universities often hold information days; you can find the dates on the respective university websites. The websites are also worth visiting to get information on the various programmes offered and to get a first impression of what studying in Switzerland is like.

Application Process

Unfortunately, applying to a university can be a somewhat lengthy process which can try your patience. It‘s important to register early. As soon as the university receives your application, and if there is a place available in your chosen study programme, you will get a confirmation by mail together with payment details for the registration fee. Upon receipt of your payment, the university will inform you that you are registered and send you another payment slip for the first semester fees. After paying this fee, you are definitely enrolled at the university.

Why Study in Switzerland?

Schweizer IdentitÀt

Switzerland is small compared to countries surrounding it, but there are may things these countries could learn from Switzerland. Despite its size, Switzerland is strong both economically and culturally. Perhaps that’s why the number of German students studying in Switzerland has tripled in the last ten years.

Switzerland is also known for politeness, a willingness to help, a low crime rate and a high standard of living.



The Internet as Your Information Portal

It is said that you can find out anything on the internet and it’s certainly true when researching universities. They all have very informative websites and some even have a blog where students share their experiences. The ETH Zurich even has its own student portal.

You can also search which courses the various universities offer at

Of course, you’ll want to know how to spend your free time as well. To get a better picture of Switzerland and its many attractions take a look at our blog


Pros and cons


The Swiss educational system is very similar to the German. Just as in Germany, it takes three years to get a bachelor’s degree. However, Switzerland’s universities, although many, tend to be smaller and offer a more personal relationship between lecturers and students. There is also an abundance of study materials.

Of course, nothing comes without a catch and the catch in this case is that Switzerland is a very expensive country. This translates to rather high semester fess of 800 – 1500 Euros. It isn’t easy to find cheap student residences or flat shares, although there are specialised agencies to help you find student accommodation. Because of these high prices, most students will have to work on the side. The advantage here is that, although the cost of living is high in Switzerland, the work pays better than in Germany.



Other than that, it’s always worthwhile for your own personal growth to gather experiences in another country. So if you would like to study in a different country and speak some German or French,  Switzerland is the perfect choice. And if you want to be sure of understanding the Swiss vernacular, take a look at . We offer inexpensive Swiss German courses; learning the vernacular will help you learn the culture of our country more easily.

The Dream of Studying in Switzerland
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