Zurich - Downtown Switzerland
Zurich – Downtown Switzerland

Either way, the urban centers are attractive and young people are still drawn from the rural peripheral regions of the Alps and Pre-Alps, as well as the “Jurabogen”, to the large cities of the middle of the country and the Basel region. Some isolated mountain valleys already have massive problems with the aging, it is difficult for politics to find people and maintain the infrastructure.

In the mid-term between “the Bodensee” and Bern and on the south bank of Lake Geneva between Montreux – Lausanne and Geneva, the settlements are growing more and more into an uninterrupted settling mash. The city of Zurich is therefore already referred to as “Downtown Switzerland”, while a rock band from the city of Bern calls itself ironically “Züri West” ;).


Economic and financial center of Switzerland
Capital of the Canton of Zurich
University (all faculties) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)


One of the UN headquarters and the location of numerous international organizations
Capital of the Canton of Geneva
University (all faculties)


Center of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland
Capital of the Canton of Basel-Stadt
University (all faculties)


Capital of Switzerland and capital of the Canton of Bern
University (all faculties)


Second Center of the Geneva Region and French-speaking Switzerland
Lausanne – Capital of the Canton of Vaud
University (all Faculties) and Ecole polytechnique fédérale (EPF)


Important industrial city and regional center, always a little bit in the shadow of Zurich

The city of Lucerne


Regional center of Central Switzerland
Capital of the canton of Lucerne
University (Theology, Humanities, Law)

St. Gallen

Regional center of Eastern Switzerland
Capital of the Canton of St. Gallen
University (Economics, Law, Humanities)

Biel / Bienne

Regional center in the Jura region, bilingual, watch and electronics industry, technical college




The nine most important cities
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