Depending on what you plan on studying, studying abroad can provide you with an education and also an amazing experience. There are a number of different programs in Switzerland that allow you to study abroad on behalf of some of the best universities. All the while you are experiencing beautiful Europe. There is so much that Switzerland has to offer. There is a rich cultural history that makes this area one of the top options for study. When it comes to manufacturing and science, this is one of the most competitive economies in the entire world. You have many different options to tailor your stay. You can plan for one quick semester, an entire year or you might love it so much that you will stay for the duration of your studies.

What is important to study in Switzerland? | image source:
What is important to study in Switzerland? | image source:

Benefits of Studying in Switzerland

Students are swayed to study in Switzerland based off of a variety of different reasons. Degree programs, language, travel and culture are just some of the benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other options that make this an opportunity you can’t turn down.

Educational Resources

People think that the level of educational resources in Switzerland must not be that great based off the size of the country. In fact, the universities here are some of the best in the entire world. When it comes to research, this is the home of the world’s largest particle physics research location. When it comes to research, there aren’t better resources than Switzerland. Many of the world’s Nobel Prize winners relating to research have come from here.

The Area

Once you graduate from college and secure a job, there isn’t a lot of time to plan a trip abroad. The best years to plan an adventure like this, is during college. Being right in the heart of Europe, you get to experience Switzerland. There are also many other countries you can venture to when you have some free time. Nearby are Germany, France, Austria and Italy.


There are many opportunities in Switzerland to learn a different language. You can practice four different languages during your time abroad. Four official languages are present in Switzerland (German, French, Romansh and Italian). Many of the people in this country can speak more than one language. This is the perfect location for students who are studying communication in some manner.


Daily Life

The people in Switzerland are generally very happy and welcoming. There is a very high quality of life here thanks to a booming economy, excellent healthcare, civil liberties and a high-functioning government.

Different Types of University Programs

What you are current studying really affects where you can travel to. Different degree programs require different studies. Does studying abroad fit into your current program? Think about earning credits, and whether or not studying abroad is going to affect your graduation date. Luckily, there are different programs that you can participate in. You can study for a single semester (fall or spring), an entire academic year or a year round program.
You can even study abroad for just a few weeks at a time for winter, spring or summer break. If you aren’t sure which time frame is going to work for your schedule, you will want to speak with an advisor at your school who can help. Plan ahead and make sure you learn some of the language before you go. There are some great programs available such as:

Probably you will spend a lot of time in the library | image source:
Probably you will spend a lot of time in the library | image source:

Different Cities and Locations

Once you have decided that you will be traveling to Switzerland to study abroad, make sure that you do plenty of research ahead of time. This will allow you to have some sort of plan that will help make the most of your trip. There are a number of really wonderful cities that you should plan to see. Don’t forget, you will have some down time on the weekends and in the evenings. Work hard on your school work, but make sure to visit:


The capital of Switzerland, Bern is the home of Swiss politics. It is right on the coast of the Aare River. There is plenty to see, a great night life and plenty of natural beauty.

Bern: The captial of Switzerland | image source:
Bern: The captial of Switzerland | image source:


This is the main point of arts and culture in Switzerland. Not to mention, there are over 200 different political organizations that are located here. The United Nations and the Red Cross’ international office are here in Geneva.


This is a historical city right in the heart of Switzerland. This city is based off of medieval times, with plenty of historical places to visit, mountains, festivals and much more.

The lake in Luzern | image source:
The lake in Luzern | image source:


This is a city that encompasses language at its finest. You will find people speaking French in the western area of Fribourg. In the eastern section there is German. There are also many different museums, places to walk, etc.

The Overall Budget

Most college students don’t have a lot of money to work with when it comes to their education and studying abroad. Don’t be discouraged by thinking you can’t afford this trip. There are some scholarships that are available if you have time apply. Certain programs will cover your food budget, housing budget, field trips, etc. If you still have some questions about how you can afford this opportunity, you can contact the Switzerland program directly, or speak with a trusted advisor at your university.

If you are looking for a Switzerland study abroad opportunity, there are a number of resources on the internet that can help you find what you are looking for. You should also be able to get additional information from your current university in the United States. Before you start the process, make sure that you know what you would plan on studying, where you want to stay and how long you plan on going for. Look at different opportunities and weigh your options. Before you know it you will be on your way to an exciting adventure!


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