This article is for people who don’t enjoy learning Swiss German by drilling vocabulary. We’ve put together some ideas on how to learn Swiss German in a more playful manner.

Music as a key to your success

Language and music are closely related. Both have melody, rhythm, tone, pitch and pauses, so listening to music is a fun and effective way to get an earful of Swiss German.

Swiss folk music has a long and culturally rich history. Most people will have heard of yodelling, a form of singing that represents the „echten Werte“ (en.: real values) of times gone by. Listen to some yodelling here. Admittedly, yodelling sounds a little „komisch“ (en.:strange) if you haven’t grown up with it.

However, there are some modern songs by Swiss artists that end up in the Swiss charts. A true classic is Alpenrosen by the popular Bernese singer Polo Hofo.

Schweizerdeutsch lernen - Musik
Learn Swiss German through music

You will learn more easily if you sing along to the song, as different parts of your brain get stimulated. We’ve provided the lyrics below.

Alperose – Polo Hofer

Blüemlisalp ire Summernacht
Nachdäm i ha e Bärgtour gmacht.
Da ha sie troffe vor dr Hötte us
Sie het Wasser gholt för ne Bluemeschtruus

Uf em Bänkli vor em lääre Stall
Seit sie zu mir: “Es isch kei Zuefall,-
I gloube, mir sy nume einisch hie…”
Als wär’s e Film vergisse i’s nie:

Chorus: Alperose chöme mir i Sinn
Alperose sy das gsy denn
Alperose müesse das gsy sy
Wo näbe üs im Höi gläge sy!

Sy zämezoge am glyche Ort,
Wo dr’ Herbscht isch cho, da isch sie wieder furt.
Furt isch furt u gly het’s gschneit,
Liebi chunnt und Liebi geit.

Das isch jetz scho es Wyli här
Hätt mängisch wölle, dass es nid eso wär
Und immer wenn i die Bärge gseh
Isch es wieder um mi gscheh.


Read your way to success

Singing isn’t really your thing? Don’t worry, another fun way to learn Swiss German is through reading. Did you enjoy reading comics as a child? Are you aware that some all time favourite comics like Globi or Asterix and Obelix have been translated into Swiss German? Even if you never read them before, there’s no time like the present to discover these wonderful books. Try reading Asterix redt Schwyzerdütsch or Globis abenteuerliche Schweizer Reise

Swiss Hollywood

Of course, films may not be left out of our guide to learning Swiss German through play. There are a few movies that were made in Swiss German. First and foremost of these is the classic Swiss tale of Heidi, a story that many all over the world grew up with.



It is no longer difficult to learn Swiss German. With all the tools we have today, it’s easy to sweeten the pot of learning by adding some fun resources.

We, too, have taken advantage of modern tools on and put together an online course to learn Swiss German. Videos will guide you through different everyday situations and we provide you with a huge dictionary so that you can look up many words. We have a few hundred satisfied customers already and would love to count you among them!


Some tips on how to learn Swiss German through play
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