Print is not dead! Newspapers are still a popular way to get „Wichtigi Nochrichte“ (en: important news) on politics, culture and sports. Which newspaper should you read? Decide which ones are for you after ready our handy guide to the most widespread newspapers in Switzerland.

The largest Swiss daily and Sunday papers

Reading the newspaper whilst drinking a cup of coffee
Reading the newspaper whilst drinking a cup of coffee

The Tages-Anzeiger, a nation-wide daily newspaper published in Zurich, has the largest „Uflage“ (en: circulation) of all subscription newspapers and is one of the most influential papers in the German part of Switzerland. The print edition is divided into three parts.

  • The first part contains important news, investigative and background reports on Swiss and foreign topics with „dr Schwerpunkt“ (en: the focus) on economics and politics.
  • „Dr zweit“ (en: the second) part focusses on Zurich regional news, reports and analyses as well as local advertisements, an event calendar and a page with a comic for young readers. „Drzue“ (en: furthermore), this part covers sports.
  • The third part is all about culture and society


The Blick, also from Zurich, is another well-know Swiss German newspaper. On weekdays, it covers news and sports and its Sunday edition, the Sonntagsblick features a lifestyle magazine as well. The Blick is a tabloid newspaper and has come under criticism for publishing „falscher Informationä“ (en: false information). It had the largest circulation of all papers in the 1960s and is still „hüt“ (en: today) one of the most widely read in Switzerland.


The Neue Zürcher Zeitung, most commonly referred to as the NZZ, has a reputation for publishing high quality articles and is read all over the country and beyond. „D Zittig“ (en: the newspaper) has both a daily and Sunday edition. The daily edition is divided into four parts and is over 40 pages thick. Reports and features cover topics of both national and international interest; economics, science, culture and sports are  just some of the areas covered. „Am Frittig“ (en: on Friday), the newspaper publishes a 5th section that cover special subjects such as research, engineering, travel, social issues and in-depth reports. The Sunday edition is even thicker; it covers six sections divided into coverage of background features, news, economics, sports, science and culture.

Free commuter newspapers

Free newspapers are popular amongst commuters
Free newspapers are popular amongst commuters

Aside from the popular dailies, Switzerland also has commuter newspapers, which is the local term for free daily newspapers. “20 Minuten”, which is published in French and Italian as well, has the widest circulation of all free dailies. The newspaper publishes short news articles as well as a services section. Contrary to other publications, 20 Minuten, is also popular amongst young people. The name refers to the average period of time people spend on public transport during their work commute.

Our Website Schweizerdeutsch lernen has been featured on 20 Minuten.

The Blick group also owns a free daily, the “Blick am Abend”. It is available everywhere in the evening from 4 pm. It replaced another Swiss daily called “today”.

Is print dead?
Is print dead?

Newspapers in the digital age

The progressive digitalisation poses a problem for many print newspapers. More and more people get their news solely online which has lead to sinking circulation numbers and, of course, to more staff lay-offs. Consequently, many newspapers have sought to establish and build up an online presence, not always successfully.

Those publishers who have an online presence can make use of new opportunities. All kinds of topics can be be covered in new ways and it is easier to refer to other coverage by linking. „Zum Bispiel“ (en: for example), learning Swiss German can be published widely.

However, newspapers as news and information outlets, whether in digital or print format, are here to stay.

Our website has been featured in various Swiss media. Take a look at the articles (in German).

Of course it is important to read Swiss news whether in print or online if you want to integrate properly. It is easier to join in conversations and is a good way to understand the local culture. And to help you with those conversations, we have developed our language course, which makes it easy for you to learn Swiss German in comfort from your home.

We have also published a book „Swiss German in 30 days  that is available on Amazon. Read it to get insight into the language and all things Swiss.

Vocabulary list

Swissgerman English
1 wichtigi Nochrichte important news
2 Uflage circulation
3 dr Schwerpunkt the focus
4 dr zweit the second
5 drzue furthermore
6 falscher Informationä false information
7 hüt today
8 d Zittig the newspaper
9 am Frittig on Friday
10 zum Bispiel for example


Newspapers in Switzerland
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