If you are planning on moving to Switzerland from the United States, you will want to be well prepared. It is very important that you take the time to learn about the area and the culture, the language, and the people of the area. You want to learn their native language first, so you do not have a hard time communicating with the Swiss-German people once you arrive. The people of Switzerland are extremely friendly, so you will have no problem fitting in with the natives as soon as you arrive on their mainland. They will make you feel right at home.

Moving from the US to Switzerland is not that difficult | source: pexels.com
Moving from the US to Switzerland is not that difficult | source: pexels.com

The Swiss-German Language

Learning another language other than your own can be a little intimidating. You casually take one look at how many different words, phrases, and slang words there is to learn and think “How am I ever going to remember all of this?” Repetition is the key when it comes to success of learning the language in a different country. Joining the number one Swiss-German crash course at www.Learn-Swiss-German.ch is going to be your main key to success. This crash course will make learning the Swiss-German language so much fun. Along with just simply learning the Swiss-German language, this sight comes equipped with the availability of over fifty videos that express on the teachings of the language. You will also learn Swiss vocabulary and slang words. As we know in the American language, when you are conversing with your friends, you do not use proper English. The same goes for the Swiss-German language. Therefore, it is so important that you are taught slang words. The teachers of this course are here to help you twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.



Learning Studies Abroad

The heart of Europe and the magic of Switzerland brings on an experience of a lifetime. Going to a place like Switzerland just to study abroad or just to be in breath taking sceneries, you will be overly amazed. Switzerland has some of the best Universities in the entire world. Some of the worlds most amazing scientists that are Noble Prize winner live there. Some of the winners share their amazing teachings in the Universities in Switzerland. Studying abroad in Switzerland is seriously an amazing opportunity. There are so many different programs that you could have part in. You want to make sure that the credits that you earn abroad are going to be transferrable between the two attending schools. If the credits do not transfer, then being able to be a part of the opportunity is purely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Buy it all with the Swiss Franc

The Swiss Franc is the type of currency that Switzerland uses. It is of the Swiss Confederation and Principality of Liechlenstein. One franc is divided into one hundred centimes. One Swiss Franc is worth the same as 1.4597 French Francs, 10 Bernese Chunk, 6.614 grams of pure silver. The Franc was given its name by the Federal Coinage Act. This coin has a spontaneous exchange rate, and it truly benefits the Swiss economy. Since you are going to be spending some time in Switzerland, you must have some sort of understanding of the Franc and its value. You don’t want to be stuck at the checkout line of a boutique and have no idea how many Francs you are supposed to hand to the sales clerk. You want to make sure you know how to count the Francs, so you can fit into society. You don’t want to look like a tourist. You want to fit in like a native.

The Swiss

Learn the Swiss Etiquette and you will have a lot of fun | source: pexels.com
Learn the Swiss Etiquette and you will have a lot of fun | source: pexels.com

When you are arriving to Switzerland, you want to do your best to fit in. You don’t want to stand out as a foreigner that needs to go back to where they come from. There are so many American etiquettes that the Swiss natives would find down right rude and appalling.


It is very important that when it comes to making new friends, you really want to set a good impression on yourself. Pretend you are in Switzerland and you really want to go see one of your best friends. As Americans we would think it would be appropriate to just show up at your friend’s house because you want to make a surprise visit. The swiss people think this type of behavior is extremely rude. If you want to remain friends with that person, it would be a good idea to call them first. You always want to set up a meeting or date. Never show up unannounced. If your friend invites you to a dinner party or barbeque, it is proper etiquette for you to bring the meet you are planning on eating for your meal. If you show up without something to throw on the grill for yourself, you must not be hungry because no one is going to supply your meal. Make sure you show up to the barbeque on time. It is better to show up a few minutes early. It is extremely rude to show up late at all.



When you show up for the dinner party, men say hello with a simple handshake, and the women say hello with three kisses. When you are talking with someone you want to make sure you do not ever over talk them or keep in control of the conversation. You never want to cut people off from what they are trying to say. If the person you are talking to has a funny accent, you never want to make fun of the way he or she takes. In America it could be played off as a funny joke, but it Switzerland it is very degrading and rude. What if someone says something funny and you have no idea what they are trying to say. Laugh anyways because if you don’t want to give that person that the joke they said was not funny. Make sure when you are eating, you keep your area very clean. Being a messy eater is a disgrace in Switzerland. The day after the party or barbeque, it is proper etiquette to call the host, tell him or her Thank you, and prepare to invite them to the next get together at your house.

Swiss people are so nice. With the etiquette that they carry, you wouldn’t think the Swiss people had a mean bone in their body. Therefore, it is so important that you follow the Swiss Etiquette ways because you don’t want them to think that you are way to rude to be invited again. You don’t want to give Americans a bad name.

Famous for Their Chocolate, Yummy!

Delicious Swiss chocolate | source: pexels.com
Delicious Swiss chocolate | source: pexels.com

Chocolate is one of the biggest cultural heritages. There are Swiss Chocolate manufactures all over Switzerland, and they produce some of the best chocolate in the world. A lot of these manufacturers sell the chocolate in the United States, so Americans are very familiar with Swiss Chocolate. During friendly get togethers, a sweet chocolate treat that is served is fondue. Chocolate fondue is a melted chocolate that is usually mixed with coconut oils to give the chocolate its soft, silky texture and amazing taste. The fondue is served with different fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, pineapples and apples to be dipped in the chocolate at the end of a skewer. Other good dipping items are pound cake, marshmallows, cheesecake, and many other items that taste amazing complemented by the chocolate. The chocolate is usually served in a bowl on a single burner in the middle of a gathering table. If the gathering of people is a large party, the chocolate will be served in a fountain type server where it is heated electrically. The chocolate will usually run continuously through a three-tiered fountain. This type of server will usually bring some elegance and fun to the fondue dessert.



Moving from the US to Switzerland
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