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Chuchichäschtli – dictionary in our App

Swiss German dictionary always at hand — even offline

The dictionary is one of the most popular features on our website. Words that sound like gobbledygook to non-native speakers of Swiss German are deciphered and explained. As the dictionary is a favourite amongst our learners, we’ve made it one of the main features in the app. Now you can just check the definitions on your smartphone when on the road; there’s no need to go on the website.

It’s not just handy to have the dictionary with you to look up words; the app can be used as a learning system as well. Use the search function to find out the meaning of a word, eg how to say “kitchen cabinet” in Swiss German. This is a good way to commit these words to memory.






All blog posts are free on the app

All our blog posts for free!

We have any amount of blog articles on our website, mostly about learning Swiss German. To make this learning more fun, we’ve snuck in Swiss German words and phrases into these posts. The articles are about culture, geography and daily life in Switzerland. We publish a new post at least once a week and now you can read them on your smart phone whilst travelling to work. Enjoy!









300+ short sentences and practical phrases sorted by subject

Customer experiences have taught us that may people are particularly concerned about their vocabulary when they have something important to say. Imagine you have just spotted a pretty girl or a handsome boy and you would like to chat them up…  choose the category “flirting” in the app, brush up on some phrases and you’ll be on your way!

This feature with the short sentences is only available on the app. Use this method to learn Swiss German more effectively.





The Android app is the perfect complement to our online courses. But even if you’re not one of our students, you can use the app without any restrictions. It’s free for everyone!




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