Have you just moved to Switzerland and are looking for the right mobile provider for you? Then this article is for you. We have compared the different providers in Switzerland and can give you useful insight.

There are 3 mobile networks in Switzerland
There are 3 mobile networks in Switzerland

The mobile network

There are three different mobile networks in Switzerland. The three providers Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt each operate their own network in Switzerland. All other providers, so-called service providers, use these three networks for their own services. M-Budget Mobile, for example, is an offer from Swisscom and Coop Mobile, one from Salt. Aldi Suisse Mobile, Yallo and Lebara are all backed by Sunrise. And UPC offers a mobile phone service on the Salt network.

And who has the best network all together?

In 2018, the magazine Connect tested the mobile networks of the three providers. The winners were Sunrise and Swisscom. Both network operators had achieved exactly the same number of points in terms of mobile network coverage; 973 out of 1000 points exactly. In addition to the title “test winner”, they received the grade “outstanding”. Salt was beaten in third place with a score of “good”. The test conducted by Chip magazine produced similar results. Swisscom came first with a score of 1.2, Sunrise second with 1.3 and Salt received a score of 1.7.

The providers at a glance

There are only 3 mobile network providers, but almost 10 times as many service providers in Switzerland. Here is a list of the most important:

The market leaders

The three largest providers are also the three mobile network operators. Salt differs in that they only offer mobile phone contracts, while Sunrise and Swisscom offer attractive package solutions including Internet access and digital TV.

Provider Swisscom Sunrise Salt
Hotline  0800 800 800 0800 707 707 0800 700 700
Hotline international  +41 848 800 811 +41 58 777 01 01 +41 78 700 70 00
Website  https://www.swisscom.ch https://www.sunrise.ch https://www.salt.ch

Flatrate including roaming

All three providers offer prepaid solutions and contracts, depending on customer needs. The trend is towards so-called “flat rate” offers, which recently also include almost unlimited roaming in Europe. A detailed overview of mobile phone contracts with unlimited calls and data within Switzerland as well as credits for roaming in Europe can be found in this list by Dschungelkompass.ch (in German only).

Find the right mobile phone contract

Many providers offer cheaper rates for young people up to 26 or 30 years
Many providers offer cheaper rates for young people up to 26 or 30 years

There are not only many different providers, but each provider also has a wide range of different mobile phone contracts. To find the right one, you should know your usage habits. These points will help you to find the right offer:

  • What age are you? If you are still under 26 (Swisscom) rsp. 30 (Salt and Sunrise) years old, the youth tariff applies.
  • How much data do you need? Do you watch films and videos on the go and often listen to music streaming from the internet? Or do you need the mobile phone more to retrieve information?
  • Do you need the phone abroad or mainly in Switzerland?
  • What is your monthly budget?
  • Do you want to stay with your current network provider or are you open for a change? The providers often offer attractive promotions for new customers.
  • What subscription period (minimum contract duration) do you want? A decision about the duration affects the amount of the monthly instalment payment of a mobile phone with contract. For a complete “mobile phone with contract” offer, you have to pay less monthly for a 2-year contract than for a 1-year contract.

Compare the different offers online

There are many websites on the Internet that allow you to quickly and easily compare different mobile phone offers. Simply enter the criteria that apply to you and the pages will spit out the best option for you.

How can I change my mobile operator?

If you want to change your provider, you must always respect the cancellation period of your contract. Early termination can cost several hundred francs. With Swisscom and Salt, the contract has a minimum term of 12 or 24 months.

Pay attention to the notice period, if you want to change the operator
Pay attention to the notice period, if you want to change the operator

Sunrise and the smaller providers usually have only a short minimum contract duration, widespread are one month or two months. Once the minimum contract period has expired, consumers must pay attention to the notice period. This is 2 months for Swisscom, 1 month for Sunrise and 3 months for Salt.

Apart from adhering to the notice period, changing your mobile phone contract is easy: simply take out the corresponding contract with the new provider of your choice. If you wish, you can keep your current number.

Chatting in Swiss German

Now you have your new mobile contract and can chat with your friends as long as you want. How about downloading our Swiss German app onto your (maybe new) mobile phone so that you can learn Swiss German conveniently from anywhere? Or sign up for our online course today!

Best mobile contract in Switzerland? We did the test
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