Switzerland is not particularly known for its beer culture. The Germans are. Or the English. With 54.3 litres of beer (2017) per person per year, the Swiss drink almost half as much beer per year as the Germans with 101.2 litres per person. But Switzerland is truly not a developing country when it comes to beer. Quite the opposite! In recent years, small local breweries in particular have experienced a real boom, making beer more and more popular, also among women.

Local Swiss breweries created a boom and mad beer more and more popular in Switzerland
Local Swiss breweries created a boom and mad beer more and more popular in Switzerland

Delicious Swiss beers

The Swiss prefer to drink lager. While there are many beer stores where you can find bottles from all over the world, local beers have become more and more popular over the past few years. We have put together the tastiest ones for you:

Beer Taste Alcohol
Boxer Old The golden yellow Boxer Old is a slightly bitter beer with a balanced grain-malt aroma. 5,2 Vol. %
Sprint A golden special beer brewed with bottom-fermented yeast, which is very common in Switzerland. Brewed according to the Purity Law, which stipulates the exclusive use of barley malt, hops and water, it has an original wort content of approx. 12%. 5.2 Vol. %
Chopf ab hell The delicate light gets its fruity aroma and the beautiful finish from the noble Chinook and Cascade hops. 5,0 Vol. %
Calanda Lager Calanda Lager is a refreshing Swiss beer. It gets its character from the exclusive use of spring water from the Grisons mountains. 4,8 Vol. %
Chopf ab dunkel The mild black beer – brewed like in Dublin – gets the beguiling coffee aromas of roasted barley and malt. 4,5 Vol. %
Eichhof Barbara


The Barbara beer with its golden yellow colour and relatively high alcohol content tastes malty and slightly bitter. 6,5 Vol. %
Feldschlösschen Original The refreshing classic is well-balanced, bright yellow in colour. The bitter hop note and the pleasant beery taste make this beer so unique. 4,8 Vol. %


Quöllfrisch hell One of the best known types of beer is the freshly squeezed light beer. The mild beer has a slightly fruity aroma. 4,8 Vol. %
Hopfemandli Lagerbier The golden yellow Hopfenmandli is a slightly bitter and refreshing beer. 4,8 Vol. %
Wädi Bräu Hanf The unfiltered Swiss beer is the first Swiss organic beer. It tastes sweet and gets its special aroma from hemp blossoms, which are added during the brewing process. 5 Vol. %
Bärner Müntschi The light, naturally cloudy Swiss beer is mild, refreshing and only slightly hopped. 4.8 Vol. %

A good overview of many more delicious beers can be found in the beer directory.

Swiss pub culture

Pubs in Switzerland turn into vibrant party locations on the weekend
Pubs in Switzerland turn into vibrant party locations on the weekend

Of course, the Swiss pub scene cannot keep up with England. But those who still long for a real pub visit with lots of beer, darts and greasy food will also find what they are looking for in Switzerland. There are several pubs in every major city, the most famous being Mr Pickwick, Paddy Reilly’s Irish Pub and Restaurant and Nelsons Bar. Unlike in England, the pubs here don’t close at 11 pm on weekends, but are open until early in the morning. The party really starts at 11 pm and the pubs turn into vibrant party places with loud music and dancing.

Train to become a beer sommelier

Did you know there’s such a profession like being a beer sommelier? A beer sommelier is a kind of beer consultant for the guests of a restaurant or a bar and gives information about the process of beer production, about the suitable beer selection for the chosen food, and about the positive health effects of moderate beer consumption. The beer summerlier is also responsible for the quality of the beer served and the perfect presentation of the beer to the guest. He prepares the beer menu, advises the chef on beer dishes and organizes the beer purchase. Through active beer marketing he increases the beer turnover. The perfect job for everyone who loves beer! Every year, training courses are being offered in Switzerland. This is done in cooperation between GastroSuisse and the Swiss Brewery Association (SBV). Find out more here.

Swiss Beer Day

Attention all beer lovers. The Swiss Day of Beer is approaching. This year it will be on 26 April. Find out here which festivities will be held in honour of the malt drink.

Order beer in Swiss German

Switzerland also distinguishes between bottled beer and draft beer. The second is called “ä Stange” in Switzerland. How do you say “one beer please” in Swiss German? These are the most common formulations:

  • Ich het gern äs Bier
  • Äs Bier bitte
  • Ä Stange bitte

If you can do this sentence, then you’re ready for even more Swiss German. You can learn that comfortably in our online course where we teach you everything you need to know.


Drinking beer in Switzerland – it’s all about the local breweries
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