That’s how you find real love in Switzerland

The Swiss are not exactly known for their openness. Many perceive us as distant and cold. Great feelings and romance are attributed to other nations, but not to us Swiss. I have many foreign friends who keep asking me how it works in Switzerland to get to know the opposite sex. Well, I have to admit that this is a somewhat difficult subject. So here are a few tips on how it still works.

As in any country, there are a few things to consider when it comes to finding the great love
As in any country, there are a few things to consider when it comes to finding the great love

The office as the best dating agency

The Swiss work a lot, well over 40 hours a week. And for most, their careers are very important. It is therefore not surprising that most couples get to know each other in the office. Discretion is important. So if you like your teammate or the employee in another department, you don’t want the whole company to know about it.

Coffee break – lunch – first date

Informal conversations in the coffee break or with the copier are ideal to make first contacts and to get into conversation. It is also ideal for chatting after joint meetings. If you have the feeling that the sympathy is mutual, then you can go one step further and suggest a lunch together. This is neutral and you already have a common theme: work. If the other person is not interested in you, then it was simply a meal with colleagues.

Most Swiss couples meet at work
Most Swiss couples meet at work

But if the chemistry is right, after a few lunches you can suggest the first drink after work. Again, you’re still under the protection of work because you leave the office together and it doesn’t look too much like a real date. If you get along well outside of work and have other conversation topics than the unpopular boss, then the first real date can follow. A dinner together, a winter walk or a visit to the cinema. Just everything you do in the dating phase.

It is recommended not to make the relationship official in the office until you are really sure that you belong together. As long as you only dated, your work colleagues don’t need to know anything about it.

Friends of friends

A good way to meet new people and potential partners are friends of friends. They act as quality filters. Because you can assume that your own friends have similar tastes and know other people with whom you get along well. Dinners, joint activities or a housewarming party are good opportunities to talk to new people in a relaxed atmosphere. And there is already a topic of conversation here, namely how you know your mutual friend.

Friends of friends have great potential as future partners
Friends of friends have great potential as future partners

Online dating is becoming more and more popular

As everywhere in the world, online dating is extremely popular in Switzerland. There are many different platforms that all appeal to a slightly different target group. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you are in good hands with Paarship. Those who are more interested in a non-binding adventure can be found at Tinder. The city portal ronorp also has a dating section. If you don’t feel like creating a profile on a dating platform, you can simply place your own ad there or report to one.

And this is how the Swiss tick when it comes to data

Every culture has its own customs, especially when it comes to data. Here are a few insights into the hearts of the Swiss.

  • You’ve just met someone new and you’re starting a conversation with them. Don’t be surprised if one of the first questions is: “And, what are you working for? For the Swiss, their job is very important and this question is by no means an indiscretion. Ask back in any case, otherwise it can be interpreted as disinterest.

    Who pays for romantic dinner is not always clear
    Who pays for romantic dinner is not always clear
  • It is not unusual for women to take the first step. Provided they dare, of course. Swiss men react very positively to women’s initiative. Many even wish women were more active. So women, dare you and speak to the man of your dreams.
  • There’s no consensus in this country about who should pay on a first date. Swiss men are not exactly world-famous for their cavalier qualities. So it’s quite possible that he’s proposing to split the bill. Conversely, Swiss women are also very independent, and many don’t even want him to pay. So it depends on the person who pulls out the wallet at the end.
  • Swiss people are known for being cold and emotionless. That is not true. We feel as much and as intensively as in the rest of the world. But we don’t carry our emotions on our tongues. This means that a Swiss person wants to be 100% sure that the new acquaintance has potential before he or she opens the emotional box. As a rule, the Swiss take things slowly. But once they have opened up and fallen in love, they are very loyal and faithful.

Help, I’m dating a Swiss

No matter how long you’ve been in Switzerland, as soon as you date a Swiss, you’ll experience the country from a whole new perspective. You come into contact with his Swiss friends and family, and of course everyone speaks Swiss German. Nobody expects you to speak Swiss German like a local. But if you understand it and speak a bit first, then you will get many plus points not only with your new treasure, but also with his whole environment. With our online course you can already prepare yourself for your future love adventure.

That’s how you find real love in Switzerland
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