How beautiful is Switzerland?

As one of the most beautiful regions on this planet, Switzerland offers more than many might realize. From the majestic peaks of the Alps, to the numerous lakes and streams that provide 6% of Europe with fresh water. The diverse cultures and languages make it a common place for tourism, and even migration. The vast countryside sets a beautiful backdrop for many different lifestyles. Along with the country, the villages are picturesque with historic buildings from long-ago settlers. Swiss culture is rich in history, and many still celebrate the traditions and believe in the folklore. What a fantastic place to live and work!

The beautiful Swiss nature | source:
The beautiful Swiss nature | source:

Learning to develop relationships starts with communication

The Swiss dialect is multi-dimensional, and Swiss citizens generally speak about four languages. The first step when making the decision to find a job in Switzerland, is to learn how to communicate with the locals! Learning the Swiss-German dialect is a great way to connect. For those who are seeking employment in this beautiful country, speaking the language is basically a requirement. Speaking more than one language can offer more opportunities, and it also looks better on a resume submitted to a Swiss employer.

Swiss culture is divine

Fondue is part of the Swiss culture | source:
Fondue is part of the Swiss culture | source:

Having all of the proper etiquette in place will take you much further in the job seeking process than just being well-prepared in your field. Some of the best equipment is manufactured in Switzerland, from top of the line exquisite sewing machines such as Bernina, to ‘timeless’ time pieces such as Omega watches. Swiss people are proud of their high quality standards they set for themselves. They have an impeccable work ethic, and most voted against lowering the weekly work hours by law. Swiss are known for being punctual, even when it comes to family meals. In general the community is very welcoming, however the best way to make a good impression in a new country, is to follow some simple guidelines and show the people the respect they deserve. For example, making an effort to learn the culture and languages of the region. There is much to learn about Switzerland, and moving to this country, showing interest in its habits, obviously helps to settle in.



Study online and learn quickly!

How about starting an online course to first learn the Swiss-German Language? You can choose between free eBooks and professional tutors available at reasonable rates. If your intention is to live and work in Switzerland, it takes a little effort. But in the end, you will be very satisfied of your accomplishments. There is an amazing online course which not only teaches you how to speak Swiss German, but also gives you great insight on Swiss people, the German influence, the geography and much more. There are many blogs to read about these very topics.

Lots of great job opportunities are waiting for you

There are many great job opportunities available for people wishing to relocate to Switzerland. Some employees currently working in other countries can request a transfer within the same company to a Swiss office. This of course depends on the company and whether they have an office in Switzerland.
There are also job placement companies, as well as job search websites that help find open opportunities.

Swiss German language should be the first step

Learning the Swiss German dialect is your first priority when moving to Switzerland. Since 63% of the population speak Swiss German, it will allow you to communicate which a large portion of Swiss people. Most native German speakers have a hard time understanding the Swiss dialect, since it is basically a language of its own. Remember that Swiss German is only a spoken language, that’s why The schools teach in high German and  all official documents, books and newspapers are written in high German as well. Swiss German to high German can best be compared to the French people speak in Canadia versus the French from France. It’s different, but they can manage to communicate with each other. Swiss German is a German dialect, using lots of German words, however most of them are pronounced differently, along with common slang words that may not be so common in Germany.

All in all, enjoy your time in Switzerland | source:
All in all, enjoy your time in Switzerland | source:



Impress your potential employer

Your chances of finding a great job in Switzerland siginificantly increase when dominating Swiss German or one of the other 2 official languages (French and Italian). The majority of the Swiss are fluent in the other official languages, and it would be wise for anyone who is going to work there, to learn these as well. Which of the 3 official languages you study, obviously depends on where in Switzerland you are moving to. Integrating into the culture can be easily accomplished by taking the easy to learn course online.

Swiss chocolate? Yes, please!

When living in Switzerland you will be able to enjoy the delicious Swiss chocolate, of which the Swiss are very proud of. So imagine you would be able to order this tasty chocolate in a chocolatier shop in Swiss German instead of in English. That would make the chocolate taste even better.

Client privilege is customary

Confidentiality is another proud trait of the Swiss. They have made this such a custom, that Swiss bank accounts are famous worldwide. Many people from all over the globe prefer Swiss bank accounts because of their loyalty to their clients, security and continued privacy.  So the money that you will earn at your new Swiss job, will be safe in a Swiss bank account and your client privilege is taken good care of.

Learn their lifestyle, while they learn yours!

Find some friends and have a great time in Switzerland | source:
Find some friends and have a great time in Switzerland | source:

Lastly, Swiss are also well travelled people. They have a great sense of adventure and love to experience other cultures, just as you may be excited to learn the Swiss culture. For this ability to travel however, Swiss people work very hard. The fact that most Swiss speak several languages is another reason, why they like to travel so much. Because it makes communication in foreign countries very easy for them. All in all, Swiss are divers and welcoming and would love to learn about your culture as much as you want to learn theirs. Learning their Swiss-German language online will provide the education you require to begin your new life in Switzerland.


Arriving in Switzerland
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