Swiss German is not the easiest language to learn, we all agree on that. Especially because it is a purely phonetic language, it is only spoken, but not written. There are a few grammar rules, but more or less everybody talks as he or she thinks it is right. Is it even worth studying Swiss German? If you live in Switzerland and will stay here for the next few years, then the answer is definitely YES. Why, we tell you here

Once you speak Swiss German, you will undertand Swiss culture a lot better
Speaking Swiss German improves your life quality in Switzerland

1. Getting to know Swiss culture

Language has a lot to do with the culture of a country. Expressions, proverbs and colloquial language illustrate the customs. So if you learn or speak Swiss German, you automatically gain better access to the Swiss. Through the language you also get to know the mentality and feel more at home. If you study typical Swiss expressions, you automatically learn to understand the culture and suddenly realize why people are the way they are. Because learning a new language gives you many insights into everyday life and will make your everyday life easier.

2. Expand your circle of friends

Swiss are not the most accessible. It takes us a little longer to thaw out and accept strangers into our circle. But when we notice that someone has a real interest in our country, our culture and our language, it opens the doors much faster. For example, if you can talk to your neighbour in Swiss German in the laundry room, she will invite you to her place for a coffee much faster. Thanks to the language, you will have the opportunity to expand your circle of friends and make new acquaintances. Learning a new language together can also lead to new friendships. When you practice Swiss German with your foreign friends, you learn the language and also weld it together. Because you all face the same challenges.

3. More self-confidence in everyday life

Do you know the situation when you are enormously unsure about something and are afraid of it inside? This happens, for example, when we do an activity for the first time and we are not sure if we can do it or if it is right. You will also feel this lack of self-confidence when learning a new language. However, if you have already played through many everyday situations in Swiss German with, you will know how to get around. You will feel this bonus of self-confidence and the more often you overcome yourself to speak the language, the easier it will be. So it’s best to start today and improve every day.

4. Better job opportunities

Do you know the situation that you are in a team meeting and everyone has to speak High German or English because of you, the only foreigner? It can be quite unpleasant. So if you take the trouble to learn Swiss German, your position in the office will improve. You are no longer the foreigner to whom everyone has to adapt. Instead, you can talk to your Swiss teammates in their language. This earns you bonus points and also promotes your career.

Once you speak Swiss German, you will undertand Swiss culture a lot better

5. Keep up with your children

Maybe you moved to Switzerland with your family and have small children. Thanks to kindergarten, school and friends, they will master Swiss German in no time at all. Wouldn’t it be great if you could speak dialect just as well as your children? So you could all talk in Swiss German at dinner without always having to ask what the children just said.

6. Be a good example

Foreigners who have just moved to Switzerland logically orientate themselves towards other expats who have been in the country for a longer time. Be a good example of successful integration. Show them that it is worth the effort and that settling in is much faster and easier if you at least try to learn Swiss German. You can inspire others and make integration easier for them.

7. Do not be an outsider with your in-laws

Maybe you moved to Switzerland because of love, have a Swiss boyfriend or spouse. These partners have families, who are probably all Swiss. Your partner will thank you forever when he or she no longer needs to translate for you, but you are able to have conversations with his or her family in Swiss German. Your family will also appreciate your efforts. This way you are guaranteed to have a great relationship with your mother-in-law.


The reasons why someone should learn Swiss German are varied and personal. But they all end up making your life a lot easier and you will have much more fun living and working in Switzerland. So sign up today for our online course and take the first step.




7 reasons why you should learn Swiss German
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