Today we prepared an article that summarizes the 5 major reasons why you should start learning Swiss German now. For both your personal and your business life, there are great advantages if you know the local language. We show you some reasons and tricks how to get started easier and more quickly! So, let’s start…


gründe schweizerdeutsch lernen kultur sprechen menschen

1. See how Swiss life works

Learning a new language is much more than studying vocabulary and practising grammar. We also learn culturally specic words that don’t exist in other languages and countries. We even learn a new way of thinking and can expand our horizon of expressing ourselves. By learning many new and unknown words you also get familiar with the culture and the “way people think around here.” Learning the day-to-day local language offers many insights into everyday life in Switzerland.



2. Making friends is easier
Freundschaften auf das nächste Level bringen

When you arrive in Switzerland, you will have to build up a new social circle and get to know new friends. Truly, that can take a lot of effort. However, connecting to the local people become much easier when you are able to speak Swiss German. Actually, it is already much respected here if you at least try to speak a little Swiss German. You will be surprised how impressed everyone around will be. Learning the language is your ultimate way the show your full respect for the country. At the end, if you want to stay here for many years more to come you will have to learn it anyway in order to pass the citizenship test.



3. More condence in everyday life

Do you know the situation when you are very uncertain about something and you are afraid of it? This happens e.g. When we do an activity for the first time and we are not sure if we can make it or whether it is right.
This lack of self-reliance you will also spin when learning a new language. If you have been to Swissdeutsch many times everyday situations durch Schweizerdeutsch, you know how the bunny is running. This entry is not yet fully translated. You can not vote in polls in this forum. That’s not what it is about.


4. Learning itself can be a lot of fun

I already suggested that studying a new language with your best friend can be a wonderful adventure and a great reason for hanging out together. Why don’t you pass a Saturday evening trying to nd words the other has to guess and practise some jawbreakers?

Maybe you already have a few Swiss native speakers as friends, add them to the soup and the evening party is set for some great fun. Swiss people really like it when others are trying to learn their native language and it is very much respected, even if your pronunciation is not perfect right from the beginning.

Take for instance the word „Chuchichäschtli“ , which means “refridgerator” . Can you pronounce it?


5. Boost your careerKarriere-Boost

The gap between the Germans and the Swiss is particularly evident at the borders of the country. On the one hand we speak practically the same language and so we understand ourselves very well. On the other hand, there is a certain distance.
That is also a little to us Swiss, who are reluctant to speak High German, but on the other hand, many Germans also refuse to taste Swiss German. So why not take the first step and just learn a bit of Swiss German? This guarantees a good morale in the team and when one starts, the whole team is involved. This makes you popular in Switzerland and nothing stands in the way of a great career.


Bottom line

There would be more than a dozen additional good reasons for studying Swiss German. I think that the ve aspects explained are clearly the most relevant. Meanwhile, over 500 eager students keep learning Swiss German with our online learning course.

Learning the Swiss way and perfectly integrating into the new country Switzerland has never been as easy. Act now and prepare everything for a perfect start in Switzerland and great immediate integration at






5 reasons why you should learn Swiss German now
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