Each country has some, every tourist thinks to nd a few and everyone also has a few in his own country: clichés. What about the Swiss clichés, are there any? And, more importantly: is there something true to them? We checked the 3 most famous stereotypes for you :).

Swiss only eat chocolate and cheese


Yes, it is actually true that chocolate (“Schoggi” in SwissGerman) is extremely important to our everyday life. The unprecedented cheese “Chääs” production near Zurich is ourishing as well. About half of all milk “Miuch” produced is destined to become cheese one day. This is also reected by local retail stores where chocolate and cheese racks are much bigger than in other countries, such as Germany and the UK.

Lindt&Sprüngli is the largest chocolate producer in Switzerland. The per capita consumption per year is 12 kilograms of chocolate and 21 kilograms cheese.

„Mi Rot für jede Tourischt in dr Schwiiz, probiert unbedingt es Chäsfondue.“ (en.: I recommend to every tourist to try a Cheesefondue)

All Swiss are rich

swiss francs Schweizer Franken als Nationalwährung oder CHF

I believe this cliché stems from the numerous banks and watch brands in Switzerland. UBS and CreditSuisse are the two biggest banks in Switzerland. The most well-known watch brands obviously are Rolex, Swatch, Hublot, Breguet, Chopart, Tissot and Omega.
Of course do Swiss people earn pretty good “guät” (en.: good) . Yet, it is important to consider the living costs in this highly industrial country which are a multiple of the
bordering countries, e.g. Austria and Germany. Some articles and services are sold easily at double or triple the rate in other countries.

„Ä chline Tipp vo mir als Schwiizer, nehmet niemols es Taxi. Das wird euch Kopf und Krage koschte ;)“ (en.: A good advice form a Swiss guy, never take a taxi. It is really expensive.)

Nobody understands the Swiss!

schweizer-baby-schweizer-sprache-oderNow we’re at the interesting topic of Swiss German “em Schwiizerdütsch” . There are in fact a variety of different dialects in different cantons, and some of them are more difcult than others. However, if you really want to learn the local language there is absolutely nothing in this world that is going to stop you. Many German executives lead by example in Swiss companies and learn Swiss German. The employees really appreciate that full management commitment to the Swiss industry and continue to do their work more motivated.

„Schwiizerdütsch isch au nur e Sproch und die kha jede lerne.“ (en.: Swiss German is only a language and everyone can learn it.)


Schweizerdeutsch English
1 Schoggi chocolate
2 Chääs cheese
3 Miuch milk
4 Schwiizerdütsch Swiss German
5 guät good



3 Swiss clichés that are NOT true!
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