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A premium course with 30 high-quality, interactive learning videos

The member area holds over 30 interactive learning videos that are specifically tuned to the needs of our students. We make a point in providing relevant and practical content for you. We don’t want to be the same old boring language course, but one that provides hands-on information you can put to use immediately. Every week users vote for the next video they want us to create and the content that matters most to them. That way, we make sure that the stuff we do actually is of use for you. While watching a video, you have more than enough time to repeat words and phrases at home, stepping up your pronunciation skills to the next level. Our method has proven to have the best long-term effect on your practical Swiss-German skills — until Swiss-German feels natural to your tongue!

Get our online course now and immediately access more than 30 interactive HQ learning videos, visualized vocabulary lists, mnemonics and grammar points.
Over 500 active community members happily await you!

The video is loaned from our German-taught class. In this version of the course, all videos are held completely in English.



80 % discount valid until Monday, June 25, 2018

We are teaching YOUR dialect, too!

Our tutors are from Zurich, Basel, Bern, and St. Gallen. We cover the most prominent Swiss dialects and make sure to provide maximum value for you.
We offer videos in “Züridüütsch” (Zurich-German), “Baseldüütsch” (Basel- German), “Berndüütsch” (Bern-German) and of course also in “St.-Gallerdüütsch” (St. Gallen- German).
Learn directly from native speakers (certified German teachers) with exclusive access to all existing and future videos we create for you. Our promise: one new video per dialect every week.


80 % discount valid until Monday, June 25, 2018


Jenny from Zürich


Anna-Lena from Bern


Anna-Lena from Bern


Christian from Basel

The 21 Swiss words you need every day!

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Our exclusive member area.

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More than 30 high-quality videos — all interactive

With over 30 videos you can learn where, when and how you would like to. No matter if you are on the bus, the subway or at home at your couch — you can access the online class from everywhere and with each device (phone, tablet and desktop).

The entire course is optimized for mobile devices. In videos of five to ten minutes our native speaking tutors explain the topics and situations that our members with for the most. These happen to be very practically relevant videos and knowledge that is immediately applicable. We don’t want to waste our or your time by studying words or grammar you won’t need anyway.

Our slogan is to be fast and down-to-earth all the way, the only metric that matters to us is: practical learning speed and accuracy. Existing videos cover situations and vocabulary at home, family, with friends, going out, buying groceries, partying, flirting, school, university, cooking and many more. Other videos are about topics at the workplace, e.g. how you have great customer contact and make clients feel “at home” and understood around you.


80 % discount valid until Monday, June 25, 2018


Chat with tutors and peers at any time

Communication between peers and helping tutors (native speakers) and applying language is one of our main concerns. Using our live-chat makes this especially easy. On average, 20 to 30 students and tutors are active all around the clock. The chat is the perfect opportunity for you to clarify all your questions about Swiss- German and Switzerland in general. It takes usually only a few minutes for answers to roll in.

Of course, many members tell us about their story and background, or even what they did the other day to practice their language skills — which is exactly what we want you to do! Tell others about your hobbies here, your work and why you want to study Swiss-German. Your peers will be very interested in hearing from you and chatting with you about life in Switzerland.

In this place, we also arrange group meetings and parties about twice per month in the big cities (Zurich, Basel, Bern, …) or wherever people are ready to meet. Coming to our gatherings of course isn’t mandatory, but it helps picking up the language and culture dramatically. Besides, it is a great way of making new friends.


80 % discount valid until Monday, June 25, 2018

Full & unlimited access to the world’s biggest Swiss-German dictionary

Naturally, you also gain full unlimited access to the biggest Swiss-German dictionary existing. You can already access a little part of the dictionary right now, though it only contains about 5 % of all words and neither example sentences nor pronunciation clues.

You can easily and quickly search for new, unknown words (even if you only know how it is pronounced). It works on your phone and tablet as well as on your main computer. For mobile devices, you can get our of ine version to look up words without internet connection.



Stream all Swiss TV stations — for free!

We achieved an exceptional deal with “Schweizerischen Rundfunk srf sender streamen(SRF)”: You can stream all TV stations for FREE all around the clock on your phone, tablet or desktop computer using our platform. This includes the popular stations SRF1, SRF2 and SRF Info. You save your TV connection fees and access hundreds of Swiss-German quality movies and translated block-busters immediately. Especially SRF1 and SRF2 broadcast the latest on sports, education, culture and documentaries in Swiss-German.


We show you how to master everyday situations

All our vocabulary lists are sorted by topics and searchable. Illustrated with funny pictures, plenty of mnemonics and example sentences, our vocabulary lists make studying easy and fun.

We update and improve our lists continuously to steadily enhance the Swiss-German course. For each video, there is a summary of the most important words learned and how they are pronounced. Translations for all words exist in Swiss-German and High-German. The videos cover all everyday situations you might encounter, and you only watch the content that matters to you right now.


80 % discount valid until Monday, June 25, 2018




One supportive and strong community with a common goal

  • Get to know new friends and apply your language skills immediately.
  • Ask questions and get answers immediately from peers and tutors.

  • Face-to-face meetings in a casual atmosphere, bi-weekly.

  • Get discounts at various local events and stores, such as cinemas and operas.

“A premium ­class for everyone who is serious about integration in Switzerland. Talking with my husband and friends just became 10x easier.”

Jenny from Zurich
Jenny from ZurichMember since 2015

“I absolutely wanted to move to Switzerland and this online course prepared me perfectly. My boss was visibly impressed by my Swiss-German skills.”

Anna-Lena from Bern
Anna-Lena from BernMember since 2016

“If you speak Swiss-German, locals talk more openly, more sincere and are happier to help you. It’s just a matter of ‘being part’ or not. Making friends became way easier.”

Christian from Basel
Christian from BaselMember since 2016





80 % discount valid until Monday, June 25, 2018

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80 % discount valid until Monday, June 25, 2018


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